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Events at Fashion Week Las Vegas

Fashion Week Las Vegas is slated for May 20, 2013 up to the 26th of May the same year. This week will witness a series of events all aimed at helping Las Vegas build a reputation as a vibrant hub for fashion activities. Many designers are already committed to take part in Fashion Week Las Vegas, including famous names such as Van Markoviec of the Netherlands, Tatiana Young of the US, Sinvia McCoy (also of the US), and Swinda Van Dijk of Denmark.

The Style Lounge will be hosted by the Bel Esprit Showroom and Showroom International from May 21 (Tuesday) to May 24 (Friday) at the Bagatelle, Arte Moda Stile, and also at the Aureole. During these days, both members of the press and buyers will be able to get their fill of runway collections. Designers will be available for interviews by the press, and both buyers and members of the press can do one-on-one views of the showroom. The public will then be able to take advantage of the open house to shop for the designs they like the best. Partial proceeds from the activities are meant to benefit the Nevada Blind Children’s Foundation.

On May 23 (Thursday), the Aureole restaurant will be the site of a contemporary fashion runway show. The restaurant itself is the brainchild of Charlie Palmer. A cocktail reception is slated to follow the luxury runway show. Three designers are set to display their collections at this runway show, namely Van Markoviec, Baharat, and House of Tammam.

On May 24 (Friday), another event that will benefit the Nevada Blind Children’s Foundation will be observed, this time at the Lily Lounge of the Bellagio Las Vegas. This event will be a mixture of art and fashion, with emphasis on photography, textile art and painting. Drinks will be served at this VIP event that will feature three artists: Melissa D’Agostino for textile art, Omar Gomez for landscape painting, and Julia Blaukopf for photography collage.

Fashion Week Las Vegas will also feature works by other designers such as Ricamae Lomibao of the US, Punky Collection, Reyna Herra of the US, Noelle Nicole of the US, Moonlight of the US, Mixsi Paredes of the US, Bunker Hill Bradley of the US, Melissa Hojwacki of the US, House of Tammam of the UK, Eweline B of Germany, Elena Garcia of the UK, Dr. Sindy Baca, Dayana Rueda of the US, Carmichael Byfield of the Netherlands, Baharat of Hungary, and Alterequo of Italy.

If you find yourself in Las Vegas in May 2013, make sure to time your visit for Las Vegas Fashion Week so that you can enjoy viewing the new design collections featured. However if you miss the May activities don’t despair – another Las Vegas Fashion Week is slated for November 2013. Hopefully events like those featured in Las Vegas Fashion Week will help the budding Las Vegas fashion couture industry gain a foothold in the international eye and promote growth of the industry.

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